This was one of our most fun road trips and shoots we’ve had. After all, when you combine two of our favorite things; weed and wine, how could this not be epic? Having said that, this was an affirmation that we feel absolutely blessed to be able to do what we love. The crew made the 275-mile trek up California’s central coast to Paso Robles to interview and shoot one of wine countries most prolific craftsmen Edgar Torres of Bodega de Edgar cellars and Tyler Russel of Nelle Winery. Paso Robles has a close-knit community of craft and commercial wine makers and an even more underground societal-like cannabis collective, and why not? Cannabis cultivation and wine making share similar attributes. We had a very intimate experience with how wine is made from eating grapes from the vine, to the process of extraction and the education of ideal soil and weather conditions. Weed and wine will never be the same for us again.

Don’t forget to check out the full feature and video on our issue 19 of Tokewell Magazine but for now, check some behind the scenes snaps:


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