One of our OG features for issue 1 and good friend, Beto “Two Tonz” Mendoza is an award winning photographer, editor and brand ambassador for Lowrider culture and community. Hailing from a small town in Central-California called Delhi, Two Tonz has always remained true to the game and his Lowrider roots. Beto has made a name for himself through branding, hustling and most of all – his impeccable photography which gives us insight to the underground through his viewfinder. By way of his lens, he was able to attract the eyes of Lowrider Magazine and as a result, he freelanced for them temporarily which eventually earned him a job as the Editor in Chief of Lowrider’s art magazine aptly titled Arte. He’s one of the most recognized and respected figures in the Lowrider community all across the globe from Stockton to Japan. Beto has been gracious and benevolent to offer us some of his artwork that has never published.. until now.

Snaps by: Beto “Two Tonz” Mendoza


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