An artist can start with a blank canvas and transform it into something beautiful. Whether that canvas is textile or the human dermis, this practitioner of visual arts has graced them both to critical acclaim. We sit down with the man who’s changed the art game forever – Carlos Torres.

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Carlos Torres is one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in the world today. With his impeccable eye for depth perception and surrealism, his needlework is nothing short of legendary —  and he’s just getting started. Find out how this artist shot to stardom in a relatively short period of time and how a freak accident that happened while he was working at LAX lead him to pursue the craft he is famous for today. Check out the latest issue 12 of Tokewell magazine available at all Barnes & Noble and newsstands worldwide.



Greorge Torres 4-12-13, 4/12/13, 1:11 PM,  8C, 5638x7187 (1057+1654), 125%, Repro 1.8 v2,  1/25 s, R93.4, G85.3, B104.5

Check out some of Carlos’ work from our shoot at the world renowned Timeline Gallery in San Pedro, California.


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