Words by: Rene Galindo

Snaps by: Leah Moriyama

You’ve seen it while driving through the artist district in DTLA. You know, the compound shrouded in secrecy with the surrounding walls blasted with some of the most visually stunning murals. There’s a certain mystique of the unknown that piques your curiosity into what is known as the “Container Yard”. You can’t help but wonder, “what is this place and what goes on here?”  So, what is the concept of Container Yard? The whole thing came to fruition about 2 years ago when a couple of young professionals from technology and culinary business backgrounds purchased a building that used to be a mochi factory called Miyakawa. The concept was simple at first, bring all different kinds of containers, small businesses and purpose each one to have a modular market. That model has since changed and they are now looking into bringing in smaller curated businesses, artist shops, clothing and food businesses to name a few. An open concept micro market if you will. Catering to what the neighborhood really wants and needs is the right way to elevate the area by keeping everything locally sourced and organic. Consequently, of the containers there even had a fully sustainable Tilapia farm that yields a nursery of organic herbs and spices. Just like the concept, the walls at Container Yard change every few months with new artwork. World famous artists have traveled from all over the globe to anoint the walls with their genius. That is part of the magnetism of this spectacular place. The proprietors want to keep the Container Yard art and design-centric in hopes it facilitates artists in creating and trying new things. So, how can we define this compound of dope artwork epitomizing what LA culture is all about?  There’s really no other way to define the concept of it other than it being a living, breathing, evolving a habitable piece of art itself. Who can argue with that?

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No artist compound would be complete without a full in-house aquaponic system housed in what else? A container.


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