Here at Tokewell, were all about breaking barriers and stereotypes. We are a band of misfits and firmly believe in counterculture and going against the grain. That said, meet our next feature Aimee Shackelford. She’s the consummate gearhead and one of most influential people in the automotive world. We had the chance to catch up with Aimee in San Pedro, California and shoot her Audi R8 and rap about what it’s like being a female in a male-dominated industry. Here are some behind the scenes snaps that went down.


tokewell38aimee tokewell46aimee

Shot at various locations throughout San Pedro, this was one of our most adventurous and physcially taxing shoots from hiking cliffs, to shooting on on-site during work hours, to dodging 2,000 pigeons just waiting to target us with their… well you know. The funniest thing that Aimee said while looking up was, “There’s a bunch of assholes up there!” We also had to give props to our photographer Taadow69K for being a trooper for making him hike trials and shooting off cliffs while being afraid of heights. It was definitely a shoot to remember. Catch the full feature at all Barnes and Noble locations nationwide and newsstands across the globe soon.

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