NIX 56

We went by Ryan Chalmé’s upscale vape lounge Vapor Delux in the NoHo Arts District to support the cause and see what some of Californias vape advocates were doing. While this was not a heavily marketed event to the public, it was a mixer of some of the most influential people in the California vape community from; Rich and Lisa Kellett of Villain Vapors, Pamela Cube of e-Liq Cube, Cynthia Cabrera (formerly SFATA), and Stefan Didak of NotBlowingSmoke just to name a few. Be on the lookout as there will be meetings throughout California aimed to educate. Don’t just talk about it. Be about it.

Have a look at some of the shots from the event and remember, Vote NO on Prop 56.


Tokewell feature and industry heavyweight Brandon Leidel sent us an email regarding what we Californians need to do collectively in terms of voting no on Prop 56. I’ve always said and will continue to reiterate the same message of unity if we want to maintain our right to vape. With that said, check out the email from Brandon Leidel:

I wanted to send a quick message based on a conversation I just had with Cynthia Cabrera. I obviously don’t live in California but I do care and what’s going on is incredibly fucked up. If you don’t know, she was hired by a consulting firm that is funded in part by big tobacco with a budget of 62 million in an attempt to persuade voters to vote no on the state tax initiative in November. She is helping to get the vape community on board. The organization will be running TV commercials and all types of typical election style marketing campaigns.

There has been a lot of resistance from within our community because of the ties to Big Tobacco. However, this resistance is a fallacy. Unfortunately, California sees vaping as a tobacco product. For this reason, when there is a ballot containing a yes or no tax question pertaining to tobacco, people are going to vote yes, for sure. There is no indication on the ballot that vaping is also effected by this vote. Not sure how much of a difference this would make but definitely makes it worse.

I don’t believe there is a chance to win without the help of Big Tobacco funding this effort. Something which only benefits us because the government sees vaping as a tobacco product, for this reason, their marketing dollars will help our interests as well. If this wasn’t the case, then we would have very minimal financial backing and probably not enough to swing a vote on such a hot issue. This type of thing is just too expensive and not realistically achievable on our own.

I assume Big Tobacco wants our involvement because the public may be more sympathetic to our cause vs theirs. We can’t change the fact that we are seen as a tobacco product but we can take advantage of that fact as a way to increase our odds for a favorable vote.

The vote is simply a yes or no question on the ballot. I’m not aware of anything negative that could come out of this partnership. The way I see it, the only option is to get behind this and support them. The way we do that does not require any money. All they want is our support in the form of press releases, emails from advocacy groups, emails to customers in California from all Internet and B&M business. They just want our collective marketing power and they will pay for the expensive stuff.


Please check out and download the fact sheet. Knowledge is Power.


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