Check out the impeccably creative works of good friend and world renowned  photographer — Andy Hartmark. We featured some of Andy’s works complete with his exclusive interview in issue 4 of Tokewell to be exposed to the masses. With so much visual overload of horror and the macabre through his lens, it was impossible to showcase all of his work in one issue. As a result, we published a few of his other works below.

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Starting off as an ambitious photographer from northern Minnesota, this virtuoso got his photography gracing the walls of one of the world’s most exclusive hotels and has gone on to become one of the most admired and sought after photographers today.  It is nearly impossible to describe his artistry into words. It is a symphony composed of equal parts irony and beauty as the marriage of light and darkness seamlessly blends together to the point of complete juxtaposition, leaving behind a riveting and emotional footprint on one’s soul and subconscious. As vexing as some of the images can be, they’re done from a righteous vantage point, granting them purpose and in contrast, a polarizing feel at the same time. Littered with whimsical humor, it’s as if the duality in the imagery is completely obvious, even if the interpretation of them isn’t. If asked to describe his works, words simply won’t do.   You have to see it with your own eyes for it to evoke the emotion and shock value that only comes with being a witness.  Luckily for us, you’re about to take a macabre journey through the lens of the one and only – Andy Hartmark. Read his full interview here.



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