Genuine Swarovski® Crystal Chalice by Skeleton Key

The masterminds behind the Skeleton Key are back at it again with their latest installment of luxury vape art – The Black Edition Skeleton Key. The genius behind the brand are what dreams are made of and if you’re familiar with their original version, you know this is about as attainable as a Le Rêve painting. To marry the impeccably crafted masterpiece, the artisans of the Skeleton Key offer a limited-edition Crystal Chalice drip tip made of 12 karat Swarovski Crystal and precious metals. The Crystal Chalice was designed to add continuity to the theme of the Skeleton Key’s opulence by expanding on the infamous Ermine symbol. The Crystal Chalice is available in a standard stainless steel base or if you have deep pockets, silver, gold, platinum and black diamond plating options await. With a setup fit for royalty, it’s not for everyone. Then again, it was never meant to be. Peep out this video by Tristan Pope

BlackDLC Chalice ChaliceBox IMG_2082

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