In the midst of what has been going on in the vape industry, there are many companies who have been here since day one that decided to take matters into their own hands..literally. We went to the City Hall in Costa Mesa, California to show support and solidarity that we will not go away –  #HandsOfABillionLives. The injustice and proverbial “black eye” which is our federal government has thrown our way as a presumptive knockout blow to the vaping industry is a complete shame. It is a direct contradiction of the principles of what this great nation was founded on – innovation and free enterprise.  Having said that, SoCal vape industry heavyweights took time off to unify and join hands to show support for this industry that we are passionate about from ECC to Villain Vapors and Ruthless to name a few.

This #HandsOfABillionLives movement was just one of many across the US that has been going on for some time with other factions in different states.

Listen, people are passionate about the movement as it has saved billions of lives (literally) and has provided a 4 billion dollar infusion our country’s economy and the impact is felt. Ask big tobacco and pharma. Vaping is not going away and neither are we. When you vote for our next Commander in Chief on November 8th, make sure to vote NO on Prop 56.

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