We had the chance to interview and shoot some of the dopest people in two totally separate industries for our working title, Project V. Our objective was to showcase the reality of what the vape industry is about from different vantage points. The interviews were refreshingly emotional, educational and empowering. On one hand, we had consumer sentiments from acclaimed artist and photographer Taadow69K and world renowned tattoo artist and former feature Steve Soto on what vaping means to them. On the flip side, we also had the chance to receive the vantage points from industry OG’s Charn and John from Vape Revolution and showcase their narratives and how the cascading effects from the FDA affect the industry as a whole. In addition, Crisean aka. Crush Buildz also educated us on the hobbyist side of the game and how the vaping has positively affected his personal life and family.

Overall, we are blessed to be part of this project in conjunction with Solid Gold Creative and were ecstatic on bringing this docu-series to life soon.

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