Have you ever kicked yourself in the ass for not investing early in Snapchat, Uber or GoPro? Here’s your chance to redeem yourself. We’ve had the opportunity to sit with entrepreneurs, Roland and Amelia Nguyen, who have this incredible new start-up called Flick Labs. They’ve successfully managed to create and develop a game changing application that employs 360-degree action camera technology that’s going to make GoPro and rival social networks rethink their methodology.

The vision is this; offer an intuitive way to share a longer than one-minute video on the platform called Flicksee that has built-in video editing capability coupled with a pocket-sized 360-degree video camera called CAMEO360. We love this because it allows us to capture and share moments that other people would never have access to and have them live vicariously through our keyboard and 360-degree lenses. Having said that, our audience will now have VIP backstage access to our shoots and content.

If this isn’t enough to sway you to break bread and become part of this movement, don’t say we didn’t give you the heads up. Click here for the Kickstarter Campaign

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