Welcome to Miami. The city I’ve always dreamt of seeing for myself from where Tubbs and Crockett (millennials, please google) caught countless bad guys to where Tony Montana wrecked shop in Scarface. We flew to the city of excess (and I’m from LA) to shoot and interview one of the vape games most influential and forward-thinking people — Brandon Leidel of Vapor Shark and it was certainly a day to remember.



After we shot around the corner from the Vapor Shark offices, we hopped in into Brandon’s Tesla Model S and having never been in one, let me tell you, this thing surprisingly has major balls. Brandon smashed on the gas (wait, is that correct?) acceleration pedal and this thing was in full Dom Toretto mode. we arrived at Brandon’s other company; the Green Spot which is a Kava bar and doubles as a place for medicinal supplies.


We took a few shots with the man himself and we were physically lifted for the rest of the day with a sense of extreme well-being. Thank you for our first Kava drink. So, if owning one of the world’s largest vape companies, a fleet of brick and mortar franchises, a Kava Bar (soon to be expanded) and crafts his own root beer for shits and giggles don’t qualify as the new Most Interesting Man in the World, I don’t know what does.


We headed back to the office feeling like we were on cloud 9 from the Kava. We took some more snaps and finished up our video recording and went on our way. I’ve toured a lot of companies being in publishing and the Vapor Shark headquarters was very impressive, to say the least. The culture and atmosphere of over 100 employees were amazing. The people at Vapor Shark are very much in tune akin to a tech company our of silicon valley.

tokewell002vaporshark tokewell001vaporshark

By the way, did we mention that we shot this in front of Brandon’s office? This was literally his view.


Time for dinner at the acclaimed Seasons 52 since Joe’s Stone Crab was closed until October ugh. It’s all good because a little surf and turf ending with some decadent sweetness and diabetes never hurt anybody.


Overall, it was an amazing trip thanks to Brandon’s hospitality. We will be back Miami and don’t forget to check out Brandon’s story in the next issue of Tokewell dropping next month at your local Barnes & Noble and newsstands all over the globe. Stay tuned.


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