You probably have seen Big Gus on Spike TV’s Tattoo Nightmares and seen Big Gus literally writing the wrongs from bad tattoos. We knew Big Gus would be the perfect feature for the magazine especially since he also has an affinity for herbal creativity. We took the drive up to Orange County to Collective Ink to shoot and interview the man himself and he didn’t disappoint. With Big Gus putting the final touches before the official launch of the Collective Ink Gallery, we sat and talked about everything from his passion for being a professional angler post-tattoo life, how growing up in the hood molded him into the man he is today and how he can still absolutely get down with the Krylon.


Collective Ink Gallery is reminiscent of a mix between renaissance or baroque era and contemporary art with a little bit of street culture sprinkled in. I walked in and was greeted by his wife, model and resident tattoo artist Gypsy Rose who happens to be a celebrity in her own right. I turn the corner and see the infamous Goethe there as well. 





Once Big Gus came through we got down to business and started shooting with Taadow69K and nothing flashes of genius went down. 


Check out some of our exclusive unpublished snaps of the infamous Big Gus shoot.


Check out the full issue 11 interview of Big Gus here 


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