A day in the life of Jason Acuna or better known as — Weeman is something to be remembered. We had the privilege of shooting one of the Jackass OG’s at Huntington Beach and let me tell you, it was one for the ages. Weeman is one of the dopest individual’s you will ever come across and as you can probably imagine; is funny as fuck. We first met Jason over at Chronic Taco’s (which he is part of) and the first thing I noticed is this immaculately laid out Impala sitting on air. We walked in and he came out, exchanged daps and we were on our way. Check out some of the behind the scenes shots here

During the shoot, we were bombarded by fans vying to get a selfie or two with Weeman. When we finally finished, we cut out to Chronic Taco’s for some sustainance and bomb Tex-Mex before we hit the skate park.



Sustenance by way of Chronic Taco


We ended the day at the LBC skatepark where Jason took us and schooled us and the rippers at the concrete park on how shit gets done.


I gotta quote Ice Cube and say that, Today was a good day. Check out Weeman’s issue here.

Snaps by: Leah Moriyama

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