Unlike their namesake from the guys in the Hangover, this Wolfpack isn’t here to cause a ruckus, but to go all-in and dominate the vape industry. Each partner from Wolfpack come from entirely different backgrounds whose commonality was their passion for poker and creating one of the largest vape brands in the world today — Wolfpack Wholesale. We hopped on a plane to Dallas, Texas and was greeted at the airport by Emily; one of Wolfpacks right-hand women. With a short drive to Plano, we toured the facility and sat with founders; Kevin Thurman, Eric Turner and Matt Weiner. We talked about the current state of the union and why these pro-poker players decided to raise the stakes and push all in to the vape industry.

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After the interview, we went to downtown Plano and shot the threesome (along with poker chips of course)

tokewell10wolfpack tokewell11wolfpackAfter some shooting these guys around downtown, we started to get hungry (and thirsty) and shot to the Urban Crust and 32 Degree bar for sustenance and additional snaps.

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Check out the rest of the shoot below

This was one of our most eventful and fun shoots we’ve had. We got to experience Plano and the amazing gentlemen from the Wolfpack. Check out their full feature in our issue 11 here.

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