OG’s of the game, Rich and Lisa Kellett of Villain Vapors was more than just a regular shoot for us. It’s akin to shooting your own family and making it as dope as possible. They were one of our original supporters since our first issue with Christina Milian and have been down ever since. The original “Bonnie n’ Clyde” have been powerhouses in the vape industry since the beginning and have employed strong branding, flavor profiles, and a tight squad as their formula to success. Read the entire feature interview here.

Once you walk into the office, it’s clear what type of branding these urban outlaws are employing.

tokewell002villain tokewell003villain tokewell023villain

The photo shoots timing could not have gone any better because we were able to snap these shops before the demise of the iconic 6th street bridge.


If you’re in the downtown area and feel thirsty, swing by the famous Villains Tavern


When you dominate the wild west as Rich and Lisa have, it’s just appropriate that you ride massive horsepower.

tokewell029villain tokewell032villain

Check out the rest of the snaps below


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