When you have a sneaker collection that would rival any Foot Looker and sneaker giants Undefeated would tip their cap at, you know you have something special. We sat with the vape games original sneakerhead, Nels Hansen creator, and owner of the award-winning Holy Grail, Broken Bottle and Gumi lines of delectable e-liquids.


When we arrived for the shoot, Nels was dead tired because he was building his racks just for his kicks for the shoot. By the way, this was shot on location at his front office. All these kicks in his front office. Who does that? Nels. To give you scale and perspective of how large his sneaker collection is, he sold half of it to open up Breathe, his first vape shop in Long Beach. Because of his prowess in taste and mixology, he created his wildly successful line Holy Grail and that was beginning of his ascension to vape royalty. To read his full feature and interview in issue 7, click here.

tokewell07brokenbottle tokewell05brokenbottle

Sometimes you have to let some steam off, why not do it at the office?


The infamous August 8th date has passed and Nels isn’t going anywhere. Remember, Work like a soldier to make it hard to spot the general. Be on the lookout for new projects coming from the lab at The Vault. Nels has got the vape game down on lock.


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