We had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most interesting human beings on the planet — Daniel K. Nelson. He’s an entrepreneur, restauranteur, race car driver, certified gearhead and a master of canna-infused gastronomies. We made the drive to the infamous Sunset Boulevard to shoot and film Daniel at his bar, the Black Cat. If you’ve never been there, let me tell you that the ambiance is amazing from the music to the food, and especially the cocktails. What else would you expect from somebody who’s notorious for his attention to detail and previously worked for two of the highest rated restaurants in Los Angeles like Providence and Spago? We talked about his passion for cars and affinity for high-end dining.

tokewell008dandyIn between shoots, Daniel was gracious enough to treat our crew to lunch and all I could say is wow. The Black Cat is not only a dope bar, they have cuisine that would rival any 5-star restaurant LA has to offer. Again, thank you, Daniel. Now for the cocktails. tokewell012dandy tokewell011dandy tokewell013dandy

After a few drinks, we made our way up north to the valley (don’t worry, we had a DD) to shoot at an undisclosed location which houses Daniel’s drag project, the “Henry Jade”

We then had VIP access to a gearheads dream at the illustrious GAS Museum with enough history older than your grandparents. We were blessed to have Daniel’s builder, Dave Shuten school and educate us along the way on this automotive tour. Here are some snaps and believe me, they do not do any justice to the awesomeness we witnessed. Hold on to your pants!

After we recovered from our multiple eyegasms, we made the drive back down to Hollywood and ended the day at Daniel’s pad for more footage and a little herbal relaxation.

tokewell040dandyStay tuned for one of the dopest features we have ever had the chance to publish in full.

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