20130921_Tokewell CRX-Bakersfield-06912Remember, this ain’t a scene from a billion-dollar franchise staging a highway heist featuring 3 Civic black coupes with neon lights in their undercarriages. There are no undercover cops with lead feet. This is the real shit here. On Saturday, September 21, the Tokewell/Richewerks sponsored CRX made it’s debut at the West Coast Nationals at the Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California. The Richewerks-built and owned CRX boasts a K-series motor that produces a sub-9-second 1/4-mile time. Tokewell representatives were on hand promoting user registration and giveaways which were a hit. Lanyards, stickers and license plate frames were well received and proudly displayed on several participant and spectator vehicles. Look for a full feature interview with the man himself — Richewerks.

20130921_Tokewell CRX-Bakersfield-06902

20130921_Tokewell CRX-Bakersfield-8133

20130921_Tokewell CRX-Bakersfield-8149

With the track coated with VHT throughout the day, traction was definitely not a problem and cars were literally smashing down the track in record time. The slowest car was probably 12 seconds with the rest of the competitors hitting sub 12’s all day.

20130921_Tokewell CRX-Bakersfield-06884

A race event wouldn’t be complete without hot models so we made our writer/import model Rene grace the event and pass out Tokewell swag.

The pit crew and the man himself.

20130921_Tokewell CRX-Bakersfield-4886

All day. Check out the full interview and feature in our 2nd issue here.

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