Entrepreneur and good friend Jim McAlpine launched his inaugural fitness series; the 420 games in Santa Monica, California and it was amazing. With the pacific ocean as your backdrop, 80-degree weather in sunny Southen California along with herbal influence, what more could you ask for? We were invited to attend the event and it did not disappoint. Crowds of participants were on-hand ready to make the 4.20 mile run from Santa Monica to Venice.


The 420 Games does not advocate that everyone should use cannabis. What they do advocate that cannabis can be a positive and helpful part of a productive and athletic person’s lifestyle. Their mission is to strive to teach those who have been systematically misleading about cannabis in a positive and respectful manner so people can make educated decisions about the use of cannabis.

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There were an abundant of influencers such as Steve DeAngelo of the ArcView Group and high profile vendors and entrepreneurs who absolutely do not fall under the “stoner” moniker.

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While some of the  participants use cannabis, some do not use it at all. Contrary to the name, the 420 Games are not “Smokeouts”. If people opted to get lit before, during or after the events, they did so discretely, legally and respectfully. Our lead photographer; Leah Moriyama couldn’t even vape her e-cig at the event. That’s how strict it was. Check out the rest of the event snaps below:

Aimed to send the message of destigmatization and promote normalization of cannabis use, all of us are responsible people who want to change the optics on cannabis use. Therefore it is important we all act in a manner that breeds respect. Jim McAlpine and the 420 Games certainly did that.


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