There comes a time every year that people look forward to like the Super Bowl, World Series and now you can add the 420 Games to the pantheon of annual expectations as well. The event went down adjacent to the world famous Santa Monica pier and the legendarily scenic Pacific Coast Highway. Believe me when I say there could’ve been a worse day to spend it. With the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop, vendors and patrons were treated to impeccable 70-degree weather and palm trees coupled with the best the cannabis community had to offer. That said, if you were looking for a stoner-centric gathering and open medicating festival, this was not the venue for that. 420 Games creator Jim McAlpine made it clear that this was environment aiming to destigmatize a lifestyle that has been under immense scrutiny for the past few decades and was to be celebrated in a professional manner.

Saturday morning, over 1,000 people — from moms pushing strollers to triathletes clad in leggings convened at the Santa Monica Pier and embarked on a 4.20-mile run.

The attendees at this year’s 420 Games is forecasted to double from its inaugural year in 2016, says Jim McAlpine, and participants include recreational runners, pro athletes, and families aiming to educate their kids that cannabis is a medicine and not a drug. Last year’s race winner was an Olympic Marathon runner.

“Everyone wears the same number, it’s 420″

The event kicked off with a yoga warmup and is followed up by a run that kicks off at 9 am.  The course travels south along Ocean Front Walk to Venice Beach before turning around and trekking back to the Santa Monica Pier.

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